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What is the Canadian Experience Class for Immigration?

What is the Canadian Experience Class for Immigration?

Canadian Experience Class

Canadian experience class (CEC) is an immigration program, which aims to assist temporary foreign workers and students. This helps them to apply for residency by using their work experience and education. It further supports them in shifting the status from temporary to permanent. By keeping into account their total time, which they have spent in Canada in contribution to the Canadian society.


To get eligible for the Canadian Experience class you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Need to meet the required level of language, which is needed for the job. Language proficiency is required within listening, reading, speaking, and writing.
  • Must have 1-year work experience in Canada, in the recent 3 years before your application. Work experience should be of an equal amount in part-time or full-time
  • Work experience should be gained legally by working in Canada

Educational requirements

There are no educational requirements to apply Canadian Experience Class for immigration. Furthermore, if you want to enhance your CRS scores by using your education experience then, you can adopt the following steps.

  • You will get additional marks for a diploma, degree from a Canadian university, or certificate
  • In the case of foreign education, you will get additional points for foreign credentials.

Language requirements

To fulfill the language requirement you must meet the minimum level of

  • For A jobs, Canadian language Benchmark 7 is required for NOC
  • For B jobs, Canadian language Benchmark 5 is required for NOC

Your language tests are only valid for 2 years after the exact date test.

What is the Canadian Experience Class for Immigration?

How to apply for the Canadian Experience Class?

For a Canadian experience class, you need to follow a few steps. I jotted down those steps below.

  • First of all, make sure you have a Canadian work permit along with one year of experience. These steps are vital to get eligible for the CEC.
  • At the next level, you need to fully meet the eligibility criteria.
  • After that create, take the assistance of the IRCC website and create an Express Entry profile
  • The next step is related to the receiving of an ITA
  • After receiving ITA, make sure you have completed your medical, and provided security background checks. Furthermore, don’t forget to submit an e-application.
  • Last but not least, in this step, you will receive a confirmation letter regarding the permanent residency.

Why should you apply for CEC?

What is the Canadian Experience Class for Immigration?

The government is warmly welcoming several people (foreign workers) to get registered for the Express Entry Canadian Experience class. As immigration to Canada is plain sailing. To become a member, you must have one-year working experience. This program ultimately made you a permanent resident of the state.

Proof of funds:

While applying for the CEC, there is no need to show your proof of funds. No matter whether the situation is good or bad you are not required to provide documents especially regarding finance.

Internship experience in Canada and CEC:

Your worthiness of Canadian internship experience value depends upon the choice of circumstances. Furthermore, if the previous done experience is not part of your curricular activities. Then, this whole work counts into Express Entry work requirement.