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4 Smart Innovations For Pets Of 2021

4 Smart innovations for pets of 2021

Need for smart tech products for pets and backyard animals are ever increasing.  It is about to hit an all-time high of $1Billion according to credible research reports of US pet market.  It should not come as a surprise in this modern era where pet owners are short of time to give to their lovely pets. They need more innovative and smart products that help them take care of their pets. 

Only thing a pet expects from its owner is love and care, any product providing ease and safety to pet is surely loved by all. 

Broadly, these products help in feeding, entertaining or monitoring. Manufacturers are coming up with creative solutions to keep pets loved, happy and safe even when owners are not home. 

In this article we have short listed few of top trending pet technologies of 2021:

Wearable Devices

Not knowing what is your dog or cat up to when you aren’t home can make you stressed and anxious. Not anymore, because devices like FitBark helps you track habits and activities of your dog when you aren’t home. It is very easy to use and operate. It  clips onto the dog’s collar and you are good to go. 

4 Smart innovations for pets of 2021

It monitors and records information like distance travelled, calories burned,  sleep quality and duration and much more.  It gives you a clear picture about health and habits of your pet. It lets you share all this data with concerned Vet. 

Innovative Doors

Random cats and raccoons wandering inside the house should not come as a surprise but not there is a way to stop this. Smart door technology introduced by SurePetCare uses microchip or RFID tags to only let your pet inside from smart doors. 

4 Smart innovations for pets of 2021

A microchip or RFID tag is installed on pet’s collar and that’s it. Door only opens, for a short span of time, whenever a pet with permitted microchip or RFID tag wants to enter. It lets you know when your pet enters of leaves the house and lets you keep pets inside or outside whenever you choose. 

Specialized Beds and Crates 

4 Smart innovations for pets of 2021

You are worried about your pets being bored and sad when you have been out all day? Well not anymore.  Now you can keep your pet busy and entertained while being away with the help of latest technological products introduced by CleverPet Hub. It is a smart toy for pets which dispenses feed or treats for your pet. This toy has a touchpad which lights up and makes noises in different patterns. Pet has to repeat that pattern by tapping onto the pad in same sequence. Whenever it get sequence right toy dispenses a treat. 

Feeders and Bowls

4 Smart innovations for pets of 2021

Monitoring what our animals and pets eat and when they eat is more important now than ever. From backyard animals likes Deer to indoor pets like dogs manufacturers have come up with innovative Deer feeders and bowls for deer and dogs respectively. American Hunter makes one of the best deer feeder 2021