How to Login Default IP Address

Are you looking to setup your router in a different way? Do you want to change its settings and customize it in a different manner? Well, you can easily do it with the help of It is the default IP address for most of the routers and you are able to login and control your network with ease. The default IP provides you a chance to change a number of different settings for your router.

Username and password

All the logins require some kind of username and password. Nothing is different for this login. You need the username and password to access your routers settings.

Afraid that you don’t know username and login of your device? Don’t worry.

Most of the devices come with a default login. Generally, it is user and user, admin and admin, admin and password, or user and password. In some instances, the username and password combination may be nothing, null, empty fields.

To make it certain that you get your hands on the right details, turnaround your modem and take a look at the details below. The information about username and password would be listed there.

What if you can’t find login details on your modem?

If you are unable to find details on your modem, don’t worry. Just be aware of the model number and company of your device.

Google is your friend here.

Start by searching about the modem on google. Put up a query like “company name model number username and password.” You will end up with a search result that provides you the details which would can grant you access to the settings of your router.

Logging into your default IP

Now, type in your browser and hit enter. You will be taken to a link where a dialogue box appears in front of you. I’ll ask about your username and password. Enter the details and click login.

The settings of your modem will appear in front of you. From the control panel, you can change a number of different details that include the proxy settings, DNS, etc.

In case that the username and password is not required for checking the settings, you might be asked to enter the details when customizing a particular element. For instance, you may wish to change the default DNS and as you proceed to changing it, the modem may ask you to enter username and password.