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4 Smart Innovations For Pets Of 2021

4 Smart innovations for pets of 2021

Need for smart tech products for pets and backyard animals are ever increasing.  It is about to hit an all-time high of $1Billion according to credible research reports of US pet market.  It should not come as a surprise in this modern era where pet owners are short of time to give to their lovely pets. They need more innovative and smart products that help them take care of their pets. 

Only thing a pet expects from its owner is love and care, any product providing ease and safety to pet is surely loved by all. 

Broadly, these products help in feeding, entertaining or monitoring. Manufacturers are coming up with creative solutions to keep pets loved, happy and safe even when owners are not home. 

In this article we have short listed few of top trending pet technologies of 2021:

Wearable Devices

Not knowing what is your dog or cat up to when you aren’t home can make you stressed and anxious. Not anymore, because devices like FitBark helps you track habits and activities of your dog when you aren’t home. It is very easy to use and operate. It  clips onto the dog’s collar and you are good to go. 

4 Smart innovations for pets of 2021

It monitors and records information like distance travelled, calories burned,  sleep quality and duration and much more.  It gives you a clear picture about health and habits of your pet. It lets you share all this data with concerned Vet. 

Innovative Doors

Random cats and raccoons wandering inside the house should not come as a surprise but not there is a way to stop this. Smart door technology introduced by SurePetCare uses microchip or RFID tags to only let your pet inside from smart doors. 

4 Smart innovations for pets of 2021

A microchip or RFID tag is installed on pet’s collar and that’s it. Door only opens, for a short span of time, whenever a pet with permitted microchip or RFID tag wants to enter. It lets you know when your pet enters of leaves the house and lets you keep pets inside or outside whenever you choose. 

Specialized Beds and Crates 

4 Smart innovations for pets of 2021

You are worried about your pets being bored and sad when you have been out all day? Well not anymore.  Now you can keep your pet busy and entertained while being away with the help of latest technological products introduced by CleverPet Hub. It is a smart toy for pets which dispenses feed or treats for your pet. This toy has a touchpad which lights up and makes noises in different patterns. Pet has to repeat that pattern by tapping onto the pad in same sequence. Whenever it get sequence right toy dispenses a treat. 

Feeders and Bowls

4 Smart innovations for pets of 2021

Monitoring what our animals and pets eat and when they eat is more important now than ever. From backyard animals likes Deer to indoor pets like dogs manufacturers have come up with innovative Deer feeders and bowls for deer and dogs respectively. American Hunter makes one of the best deer feeder 2021

How to fix a cracked phone screen with toothpaste?

The common problem for most of the people is that they drop their mobile phones a number of time in a day. It’s obvious why phone gets cracked. If you phone is cracked even a bit, there is a high risk that it will be shattered completely. Instead of wasting money to fix the screen off and on, it is better to try to do the same thing with the use of a tooth paste. Some may think it is a stupid idea but no. It actually works. Tooth paste works like an angel solving your problem. But do not use a gel tooth paste. Buy an actual one and see the magic yourself.

Tips to follow:

  • Take a cotton swab and put a small amount of paste onto it. You can also use a neat, soft and clean cloth.
  • Make circular motions of the swab or cloth on the screen. Keep doing it until you see the scratch vanishing away.
  • Once done, take a damp cloth and wipe the screen to remove any extra paste.
  • Make sure that the paste doesn’t make its way to the headphone or charging socket. The sensitive and vulnerable parts of the mobile must be protected.

Even if the scratches don’t go away at all, they will be hidden well. The gaps in the screen will be filled.

You have to make sure that you immediately take steps to treat your phone or else it can break completely. If you leave the crack unchecked, it may cause glass splinters.

How is toothpaste helpful?

Toothpaste acts like a sand paper. The imperfections are filled and stuck together. The surface becomes even and looks clean as if polished.

Do cracks matter?

Although a minor crack may not be very harmful but still, it comes as a distraction for the user. The beauty of the phone disappears. Before applying toothpaste, one needs to make sure that the phone is clean and free of dirt. A soft cloth may be used to wipe the dirt.

Do toothpastes really work?

The fact is that toothpastes may not completely repair the screen but they work to make the screen look a lot better. Non abrasive toothpastes must be used. Preference is given to high quality children’s toothpaste. When applied, it removes a plastic layer, visibly thin from the lens. The point to remember is that the toothpaste doesn’t work on serious and deep scratches. That is the time when you need to take it to the repair shop. The deeps scratch damages the lens so it may not go away that easily.

Using toothpaste over and over again will damage the screen. So, be sure to use it within a limit. There are many other ways to deal with a cracked screen but toothpaste is the most picked option and highly effective as compared to other techniques like baking soda, rice etc.

The Best preferred Smartphones for Women

Women have a different mindset about anything in life, be it a vehicle, job applications, room decorations or even a smartphone. They have their own way to deal with things, how they think they could exaggerate being more feminine. It is without a doubt that when you see a sleek, mauve colored convertible resting on the road, you know it is a woman’s property. Similarly, women have different attributes when it comes to choosing a smartphone with regard to design and functionality, here we present the topmost smartphone that could do justice to a woman’s use.

  1. Google Pixel XL: The Google Pixel XL is an exceptional smartphone that offers the highest ranked android 7.1 Nougat. It comes with a 5.5 inches display which is also an AMOLED 1440 x 2560 pixels screen. The sleek design is practically made to fit in a hand with slender fingers. It comes in 3 pure astonishingly delicate colors of mint, white, black and a recently launched electric blue of course. The Google Pixel XL offers a 12.3 MP front and an 8 MP back camera for the perfect pictures. It contains a high battery life which can be powered by a USB port as well as USB type-C port.
  2. Apple iPhone 8: An apple remains an apple no matter what and the Apple iPhone 8 has most of the specs of the latest ones and the slender unbreakable appearance of the previous ones, plus it is also affordable. Apple is known for its long-lasting smartphones and devices, and its colors include the very famous rose gold, loved by a huge number of female customers. It contains a 4.7 inches Retina HD IPS LCD display with 1334 x 750 pixels resolution. The 5.45 inches size is super manageable for women to handle.
  3. HTC Desire 820Q: The HTC Desire 820Q specifically has a significant feminine beauty to it. It is a dual sim smartphone, for women with different contacts in friends, family, and office. It contains a 5.5 inch LCD with a 720 x 1280 pixels of resolution. Quad-core along 2GB RAM it is bound to be the perfect match for the ladies. 
  1. OnePlus 6: The OnePlus with its overwhelming design and unique edges, is not just one of the prettiest looking phones but also one with varied qualities. It has a huge 6.28 inches with 1080 x 1920 pixels of resolution display, perfect for women with Netflix on the way. It has 16 MP front and 20 MP rear camera to click the most Instagram worthy pictures. It contains a USB support and a reversible connector.
  1. LG G5: The LG Company is known for its multiple appliances and the LG phones do not disappoint either. LG G5 is supported by Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow OS and includes a 5.3 inches IPS LCD with a 1440 x 2560 pixels resolution display. LG G5 is more than just a beautiful device with its 4 GB RAM and a 32 GB ROM. 

There are multiple options for women when it comes to smartphone selection, and hopefully, our list must have helped you out.


In what colors playing cards are available?


Custom Playing Cards is one of the oldest games in the world which is still being played in its various forms. The deck of playing cards consists of 52 cards which are considered to be as a standard one. The 52 cards are distributed among four suits which are spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs. Each of these suits consists of nine cards which represents 2 to 10 in numeric form. There are three cards which represents a King, Queen and a Jack. The thirteenth card is the Ace.

Colors in which playing cards are available:

The main colors of the playing cards are black and red. Diamonds and the Hearts suit are represented in red color while the Spades and Clubs are represented in the black color. The design of the playing cards is usually same in all the decks from different companies. There are only minor changes in them depending on where the cards are being used and in which games it is being played for. For example, playing cards which are used in casinos and for the games like Bridge, Solitaire and Poker have different design so that the systems built in the casinos can read them. In these minor changes there are some decks which use four colors in order to easily separate the four suits. Black color is used for spades, red color is used for hearts, blue color is used for diamonds and green color is used for clubs.

The Design:

The design of the playing cards just like the colors also differs a little bit on the basis of the patterns made on the cards and the overall look. Some of the designs are made for some specific games. Some of the popular changes in design of the playing cards are following.

1.     Face Cards or Court Cards:

These cards have images of King, Queen and Jack. This representation was started by the British. It is known as the Court cards by them and in the North America region it is known as the Face Cards.

2.     One-Eyed Royals:

For some games the design for jack of spades and jack of hearts represents the one-eyed royals. The other royals are represented with their full face. In some of the games the jack of diamonds is also considered as the “laughing boy”.

3.     Wild Cards:

In some types of playing cards games the term wild card is used. In order to represent it, there are some cards which are set as wild cards like the Aces, Twos, Eights and the One-Eyed Jacks.

4.     Joker Cards:

The joker cards were started to get included in the deck since the late 1800s due to rise of the cards game known as the Euchre. The main use of this card is to act like a wild card especially in the Euchre game. This led to the use of joker cards in other games. In most decks, jokers are shown in two colors, black and red.