Garden Tillers Homeowners Can Use

It seems that every homeowner wants to convert his outdoor areas into lush lawns and this is evident from the range of cultivators available in the market. The new cultivators are portable tools that can be used in a hassle free manner. Advantage of these devices is they can cultivate even the smallest piece of land.

You need a cultivator, if you want to convert your backyard into a green area. Buy a tilling device that suits to your needs and aerate the land in your backyard. Aeration would prepare the land for plantation. After the land is ready to accept plants, you can sow anything from grass to fruit trees depending upon the size of the land. Look at the range of portable garden tillers to find a suitable tool.

There are two kinds of tools available in the market. These are electric devices that need electricity for functioning and equipments that use fossil fuel. They are called petrol devices. A petrol cultivator is more convenient and beneficial than an electric device.

Petrol garden tillers

These tools have petrol motors and a petrol motor is more powerful than its electric counterpart. It needs petrol for working. Once you have filled the fuel tank, it can work for hours. You would find a petrol device more convenient than an electric tool because former gives complete freedom and total control. You can cultivate the backyard from one nook to another in a hassle free manner with the help of a petrol device.

Electric garden tillers

Greatest advantage of electric tools is they are lightweight hence suitable for retired and aging persons. And the greatest disadvantage of an electric tool is it needs electric supply or it needs to be connected to a source of power. If there is no power, it can’t work. It’s tailing wire that brings electricity form a source of power to its motor causes unnecessary hassle in working.

On comparing electric and petrol cultivators, you would find latter more useful than former. Petrol tools come in different power variants to suit individual needs. You can choose a perfect tool by shopping around.

Visit a manufacturer of garden tillers to buy a cultivator. Reason behind buying tools from a manufacturer is; he can sell you quality products at affordable price. If you buy a cultivator from a supplier then you would have to pay a high price for this tool.

Winter Garden Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight: Stoneybrook West in Winter Garden, FL

Live in the beautiful Winter Garden community of Stoneybrook West. Stoneybrook West is a gated community in the heart of Winter Garden and surrounded by gorgeous single family homes and townhouses with breathtaking views of the golf course, foliage and water. Did you know Stoneybrook West is not just for the avid golfer? Families can partake in activities hosted within the community, which provides you the opportunity to socialize and meet your neighbors.

Stoneybrook West

Down the street from Stoneybrook West are great restaurants and pubs as well as grocery stores. The Winter Garden Village with SuperTarget and other big name stores are just a few minutes away. Live in a community with a plethora of activity and is in close proximity to shopping, great restaurants and schools.

Houses range in square footage and the prices range from the mid $100’s to over $500,000.

For additional information about Stoneybrook West and what is currently for sale, check out Orlando Hub Real Estate.

If you want information on the Stoneybrook Golf Course, read on:

Golf Club in Winter Garden is a par 72 championship course designed by legend Arthur Hills – ranked by GolfWorld Magazine as # 2 of “The Games Hottest Architects” in the world. Carved out of orange groves and overlooking Black Lake, Stoneybrook West’s unique location provides topography that includes mild elevation changes, producing some of the areas most dramatic backdrops.

Greenside bunkering and contoured fairways – trademarks of an Arthur Hill design, are in abundance. Once on the greens, golfers are treated to some of the quickest and truest-rolling putting surfaces in Central Florida, as the greens are constructed of the lasted hybrid in putting turf – Tif Eagle. On our mid0December visit, the course was in great shape from tee to green.

Water plays a prominent role in the design, as lakes and ponds border the fairways or greens on 12 holes – six on each side. Fifty nfive soft sand bunkers are also in play, with many protecting the mildly undulating putting complexes. Greenside swales and collection areas also make recoveries from offline approaches a challenge. There are four sets of tee reas that play to distances and slopes measuring 7101 yards/135 slope, 6455 yards/131 slope, 5801 yards/124 slope and 5173 yards with a slope of 117 from the forward sets. Stoneybrook West also includes one of the first USGA rated junior tees, for beginner and intermediate boys and girls with a total yardage of 3256 yards.

Practice facilities on property include a unique grass range with target greens situated on the perimeters of a lake. There also is a putting green and short game area with sand bunker. The clubhouse features a pro shop plus restaurant/lounge and outdoor snack area, with breakfast, lunch and dinner menus available. The property has facilities that can host full outings and tournaments.

On course, sprinkler heads are measured to the center of the green, and yardage blocks are posted at 100, 150 and 200 yards. Uplink GPS is standard on all carts, which also provide rear covers to protect clubs during inclement weather.

Golfers of all skill levels will appreciate the quality of conditioning, service and hole designs. The finishing hole is a memorable par five that will leave visitors with a good final impression.

How to Make Home and Garden Feng Shui Friendly

A growing number of homeowners, including celebrities like Oprah,1 go so far as to bring in highly paid feng shui experts as consultants for designing and decorating their homes according to its principles.

Here are some basic beliefs and rules of feng shui, along with suggestions for how to apply them in your own home, with or without hiring a celebrity designer.

What Is It?

Feng shui is, generally speaking, the term for a Chinese philosophy that explains the interaction between people and the spaces they occupy.2 It is believed that positioning spaces and objects, from whole rooms to garden accents, directly affects the flow of energy or chi.

“Chi” or “ch’i” is the Chinese term for a vital life force or energy that is part of all things, and a balanced flow of chi is essential to good health, success, and a happy life. A relatively new influence in Western lifestyle, feng shui has gained acceptance among a significant percentage of Americans as a guide to home interior design.

Feng Shui – Wind and Water

The two words, feng shui, literally mean wind and water. Many Asian homes are designed and built to maintain an “auspicious” flow of energy carried in wind and water, according to basic principles. There are multiple schools of thought that practice differing approaches to feng shui.

Contemporary American use leans toward a simplified version based on the eight directions found in the “bagua”-trigrams pulled from Taoist philosophy. The current Compass School of practice follows these eight directions, but most current feng shui experts blend multiple traditions.3

Living in Harmony

Use feng shui in your own home to increase harmony by creating the best possible flow of energy and, ultimately, a harmonious balance among elements.1

Where you place your home in relation to the points of the compass and the elements of sun, wind, and water, is thought to be a foundation for how and when chi enters your home, and how well your home retains the positive energy.

In turn, where you place furnishings and leave doors and windows open-or closed-will help to direct the energy flow and support your own personal life force.4

Just as chi is a life force or energy connecting all things, look at your home in a holistic way, as a unified space in which you live a harmonious life. Take a walk through your home and imagine the flow of energy, starting with the front door. Does it welcome energy into your home?

Power Colors

In feng shui, fundamental guidelines are found in the five elements, namely wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each of these elements carries a certain strength or influence into your home. The elements are represented by different colors, which can be used in combinations that create greater harmony. It helps to know a bit more about some key colors.

  • Use the colors red and orange to keep fire energy strong, for added joy and excitement, and good luck. Consider a bright red front door to welcome luck and joy into your home, or use red accents in specific rooms, like lamp shades or accent pillows.
  • Blue and black colors represent water, which overcomes fire energy. Use an outdoor water feature in the garden to attract abundance and health.
  • White and gray represent metal, and pure white is thought to support creative activity.
  • Earth is represented by light yellow and brown colors.
  • Green and brown colors represent wood, and are considered healthy and calming. Add multiple shades of green in lamps, accessories, accents, or furniture cushions to maintain a healthy inner peace.
  • A special note-gardens should reflect nature by using curves rather than straight lines in styles of outdoor furniture or shapes of pathways. These flowing shapes encourage energy flow into your home. Explore the landscape school of feng shui for more ideas about garden decor. Consider adding one of the four friendly guardian animals, like a whimsical metal dragon.5

Your furniture choices bring plenty of earth and brown colors into the home. Make the most of their power by learning more about feng shui guides for placement in certain rooms, depending on directional position and other principles.

What Great Things Can Garden Sun Outdoor Propane Patio Heater Do in your Garden?

Having a place to sit, breathe some fresh air and a place to enjoy the outdoor tabletop patio heater and the scenery is just what you need for your perfect home. Garden Furnitures will make the most of your outdoor living.

Here are a few decors and accessories that can make the your home feel like a palace:

1. Fire pots & Bowls:

These amazing patio heater accessories do not only provide warmth during the cold days and nights. The amazing fire is also perfect for backyard gatherings and parties or when you just simply wish to spend time on your patio. The fire pots are more compact versions than the fire bowl. You can light them up using torch fuel oils and they are usually crafted in varied housed ceramic or glass designs. Fire Bowls are also known as the out door fire place. Fire bowls adds something more special to your garden landscape. Feel free to bond with the nostalgic sight!

2. Wall fountains:

The first one talks about the magnificence of stand up propane patio heater flame, now what about the brilliance of water? What great scenery can it make? Wall fountains are excellent in adding character to any place. Wall fountains can easily become a focal point to any location it is placed. Comparing it to floor fountains, wall fountains are easier to incorporate especially in smaller spaces. A mounting wall fountain is better than your thousand dollar hanging paintings. It adds vibrance to the room and the sound of its flowing water creates a soothing atmosphere. Adding a wall fountain or a ‘water wall’ creates a tranquilizing mood for both you and your guests. That’s absolutely something that other wall hanging decors that cannot achieve. It can be as simple as you want and still look elegant.

3. Lightings

The use of landscape lighting emphasizes the architectural features of your house. Choosing the right type of lighting is the key to highlighting objects that you want to represent. It could be a tree, the garden pond or fountain. The best electric outdoor patio heater lightings can also be created by just single or sets of LED lights. Outdoor lighting increases the appeal of your house. Lighting can also be a measure of safety by providing light to walkways, driveways and parking places.

4. Outdoor ornaments

Outdoor decor gives a getaway and a revisit to nature. By the use of

decorations, people can project their desire and imagination to make their garden unique. Gardening overlays meaningful objects that can portray the senses of the people who want to create and experience the beauty of nature. In choosing the items you will use, match it with the theme your house characterizes.

Below are additional tips for everyone who want to invest on garden beautification:

  • The length of time you are aiming to stay in that property
  • Practical and realistic with the cost
  • Employ a garden design if you want something big
  • Visualize your ideas and find a designer who can properly apply your thoughts
  • Think of designs as options, prioritize what you want to achieve
  • Make a proper scheme so that maintenance and proper designing won’t be costly

Make Your Home A Dream House

Home renovation is always known as an exciting and wonderful exercise, and of course happily tiring. It invites and excites every family member to participate in making their home beautiful. Likewise any mega project home renovation decision includes so many responsibilities and tasks to initiate with.

Each family member would like their idea to be accepted and implemented. Let’s assume mom wants the kitchen to design with raspberry fruit tiles, also a small bamboo tree at the corner and white sheer window curtain. Whereas mother in law is satisfied with the current blue tiles but agreed to get the white sheer curtain. With great project comes great ideas and responsibilities but do not get panic and exhausted with the influx of ideas, it is a part of initial phase of renovation planning. All you need to use the following tips for a hassle free renovation and to create a win-win situation.

If you have decided interior’s remodeling then decide if you are beginning the work from Kitchen or Lounge. If renovation is only planned for exterior then it includes different budgeting and material. Theme based trends are very popular around the world. You could decide some touch of history styles like pyramids or pharaohs statues at gateway. Alternatively pool, ponds and waterfalls will give a look of landscape or installing fences or stone walls at the garden gate will give an autocratic look.

There are number of interior designers, companies and consultants who are ready to give their services to make your home a dream home. A good idea is to go for window shopping and check with the home interiors outlets first. Take quotations from different outlets, compare and accordingly decide whose work looks best. Those Interior outlets have unique home renovation ideas, color themes, curtains and drapers designs that will help you to create a picture in your mind how you would like to see your renovated home. Another small but great idea is to take picture of your home before and after renovation. It will give you a real sense of change and achievement once this is all done.